Real-time Agriculture Data Monitoring in Remote Areas for Efficient Site Management

We introduce ASA, a sensor based analytics platform for precision agriculture. Precision agriculture is an information and technology based farm management system that aims at the application of technologies and principles to identify, analyze and manage spatial and temporal variability associated with all aspects of agricultural production within fields. Benefits include near-optimal profitability, sustainability, improving crop performance, protecting land resources and safeguarding the environment.

ASA is a novel framework for processing and analyzing big amount of data in agriculture. Particularly ASA provides: a) End-to-end data integrity within the system including sensors, wireless links from sensors to Internet gateways, data storage, and analytics display, b) Energy autonomous credit-card-sized computers equipped with sensors and wireless interfaces for farm monitoring, c) handling of data with high volume, high variety and high velocity by using state-of-the-art computational models for data processing (e.g. Hadoop software environment), and new storage techniques (e.g. NoSQL), d) low latency, fault tolerance and security for data when is needed, e) configurable analytics dashboard depending on the user needs such as variability in soil, weather, crop diversity, machinery performance, and crop physical, chemical and biological inputs.