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Project Management

Gluk Advice B.V. is addressing competitive challenges to ensure successful project delivery in a cost-efficient and effective way. We provide our services either for a short or long period depending on your needs. We have the flexibility and adaptability to take over a project from the beginning or in the middle of it.

We specialize in:

  • 1. Interim Project Management
  • 2. Problematic Project Recovery
  • 3. Full Project Planning and Management
  • 4. Intellectual Property

Multi-national teams

Our consultants have multidisciplinary experience gianed through their interaction to multi-cultural environments across all the European countries. That enables our company to provide straight to the point solutions within multi-national teams in a time and cost effective way.

Small to medium size projects

We take over your challenges in small and medium sized projects, ensuing with our capacity the on time delivery meeting high quality standards. We move fast avoiding complex management structures.

    Our Service Offerings Include:

  • - Project Charters defining Objectives and targets
  • - Work Break Structures, identifying Work Packages, Deliverables and Activities
  • - Activities mapping and resources allocation
  • - Full cost control
  • - Project Risk Management Activities
  • - Involvement of end users or stakeholders
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