Project Name

"SMARTHEAT": Smart, secure and user friendly heating monitoring and control for elderly people

Heating conditions in home environment can have significant impact on 65+ years old people. Serious health problems and lack of comfort can originate when home environments are not properly heated. This can have serious implications on elderly people's health and wellbeing. In addition, it can have significant impact on informal carers who cannot afford leaving elderly people alone in their home. The aim of the SmartHeat project is to radically change the home heating experience for health, comfort and wellbeing of elderly people. The goal will be achieved via the development of a smart, secure and elderly friendly ICT system for home heating monitoring and control. The system consists of a set of electronic Thermostatic Radiator Valves (eTRV), each installed on a radiator in order to allow wireless remote monitoring and control. In addition, the SmartHeat platform will be equipped with intelligent algorithms, which learn the user habits and control the system in an automatic way, a Web and smartphone application in order for the users (including relatives) to remotely interact with the system from home as well as via the Internet when being outside the home; wearable computing devices (e.. bracelet and smartwatch) which help optimize the system based on biometric and other environmental parameters; an adaptive central display which allows the elderly people to interact with the system in a user friendly way; a social network which allows the elderly people to interact and share data with other users. The system will be deployed, tested and validated under realistic conditions in home environments of elderly people.

Role in the Project:

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